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Every Baby is Different
by: Heather ;-)

Every baby will respond to different bottles differently. Lauren transitioned well, back and forth with the Avent bottles. Elena preferred Dr. Brown's. Both, by the way, have BPA-free versions available (Dr. Brown's even has glass.)

I tend to lean towards the wider-nipple design of bottles, since it helps remind your baby the shape his/her mouth should have on a proper breastfeeding latch. Most brands offer this wider design.

I'd start by purchasing (or borrowing) a single bottle of the Avent, Dr. Browns (wide-neck) and Born-Free brands. Use each brand for a few days and see how your baby reacts to them. Does your baby seem to prefer one over the other? Do you struggle after a certain brand to get the latch right?

After you've figured out which one your baby seems to like best, then you can go out and buy a set. This way you don't waste your money buying bottles your baby doesn't like.

Hope this helps,
Heather ;-)

BTW, If you haven't seen it, I wrote an article on baby bottles last year. You can see it here. (It does need some updating, but it still may be useful...)

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by: Mapp

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True NEW
by: Haley

True! You have to be very careful about this. These stuff are so important and one should really document it.

lovely! NEW
by: Kerry

Motherhood is such an amazing experience. I just love my children, more than words could say. I am currently expecting my 3rd and I am still on the search of the perfect bottle.

No one knows NEW
by: Samantha

It's so hard to find a perfect bottle. They all say their product is the best, but 99% of them are rubbish. Talk to one of your doctors
to find out what is better.

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I just subscribed to the site, and I'm very happy I did. I have worked in the medical field for several years and love to have good resources for when things come up...
~ Crystal S.

What a great site and thanks for having it available!
~ Bernadette W.

I'm very excited to start receiving the newsletter. I've checked out your site a couple times and I loooovve how it's arranged, your language, and tips - it's great!
~ Emily N.

Heather, I can't express how happy I am I discovered your site!
~ Liza T.

Thank you Heather, for your wonderful newsletter. There is always something new!
~ Desiree T.

I'm a 1st time young mom, 23 and single, so I have found very very helpful...I can't seem to stop myself telling everyone I know about you, some thought you were my mom!
~ Vuyiswa N.

Your website is very helpful and I discovered a couple of great online stores. 'Cause I'm not a big reader, it is very nice that I can find the most important information through your website.
~ Tonya G.

Thanks Heather! Your Milestone eBook is SO detailed and so correct. My son is doing all or most of the things and many are not mentioned in the usual books/sites. Great job and keep it up!
~ Anwesha C.

Thanks so much for creating such an AWESOME website. I really appreciate your sense of humor and real writing style.
~ Andrea Z.

My baby refused all bottles until you showed me the MAM bottle. Thank you so much for the recommendation. I wouldn't have known about them if not for your website.
~ Jennifer at Sweet Lilly Confections