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Mommy Knows Best...Baby Lesson #1
by: Heather ;-)


Unfortunately, for situations like this, the only way to train him not to require your breast is to train him not to require your breast.

This means some angry cries and long suffering parents. Breaking a baby's bad habit is hard work and not easy.

In my experience, cold turkey is best. If you refuse to put him on your breast for 10 minutes, and then give in, he learns that he needs to cry for 11 minutes before getting what he wants.

You are the parents, and you know what's best for him. Right now, it sounds like what's best for him is for this habit to go bye-bye.

I suggest offering the soother every few minutes of crying. Rocking, singing, massaging, these are all wonderful ways to communicate to him that you love him, but this habit is ending and he needs to accept your decision.

The first few nights will be AWFUL, but eventually (trust me) he will start adjusting and things will improve. You just have to outlast him! When dealing with these issues, I repeat to myself. I'm the mommy. I win. Period.

That's the best philosophy when dealing with babies/young children. As they get older, this will change. But for now, that easy line of "I know best" provides structure and actually gives them a sense of protection and well-being. (My social work background with young foster kids can attest to this!)

Hope this helps, good luck!

Heather ;-)

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Thanks so much for creating such an AWESOME website. I really appreciate your sense of humor and real writing style.
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My baby refused all bottles until you showed me the MAM bottle. Thank you so much for the recommendation. I wouldn't have known about them if not for your website.
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