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Perseverance is the Key
by: Anonymous

The only way to increase your milk flow is to increase the amount of time your baby is on the breast. Sadly, there's no magic food or special technique that will tell your body to make more milk - except your infant's constant stimulation of the breast through his sucking.

Make sure he's positioned correctly (there should be no pain), and put him on the breast as much as possible.

That's all I can think of that can help. Breastfeeding, for many (including me) isn't easy. You either feel like a cow, because you're constantly nursing, or your frustrated because HE's frustrated...

I would encourage you to persevere - hang in there. Keep putting him on the breast, and the milk will come in (it takes time for that constant stimulation to turn into more milk production). I hope that helps!

keep at it
by: Anonymous

The advice I was offered with my fist child (who was supplemented with formula) was to nurse more often. I discovered as well that when the baby has a growth spurt you tend to feed every couple of hours so your body adapts to the increase in baby's appetite and thus your milk supply will increase.

I successfully breastfed all 3 of my babies and they all weaned themselves around 11 months. Sit back and relax with a glass of water/milk/juice with each feed as well, plenty of rest works wonders too. Good luck!

Low milk supply
by: Anonymous

When my son was about 4 months old I went through a period of really low supply and I think he hit a growth spurt at the same time.

My body wasn't catching up and the law of supply and demand was not working out. Friends told me about mother's milk tea and fenugreek (an herb) you can buy them at GNC or any herbal/natural store.

The mother's milk tea helped me a little (others say they have had more luck) but the fenugreek was and still is a life saver.

The tea tastes awful but I didn't have any side effects from either one. I even talked to the lactation consultants where we delivered and she said I could take up to 3 fenugreek 3 times a day. (You should ask your pediatrician or lactation consultant to make sure.)

Once supply was back (it took 24-48 hours for it to really kick in) I gradually weaned myself off the fenugreek. I still take it occasionally when I feel like I am getting low.

I hope this helps. Keep being determined. My son is now 10.5 months and we are still breastfeeding - you can do it!!

In Case You Missed It....
by: Heather ;-)

Dear Friend,

The Green Guru has recently published an article about this subject (and natural ways to help you increase your breastmilk supply).

You can read it here.

Good luck!

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I just subscribed to the site, and I'm very happy I did. I have worked in the medical field for several years and love to have good resources for when things come up...
~ Crystal S.

What a great site and thanks for having it available!
~ Bernadette W.

I'm very excited to start receiving the newsletter. I've checked out your site a couple times and I loooovve how it's arranged, your language, and tips - it's great!
~ Emily N.

Heather, I can't express how happy I am I discovered your site!
~ Liza T.

Thank you Heather, for your wonderful newsletter. There is always something new!
~ Desiree T.

I'm a 1st time young mom, 23 and single, so I have found very very helpful...I can't seem to stop myself telling everyone I know about you, some thought you were my mom!
~ Vuyiswa N.

Your website is very helpful and I discovered a couple of great online stores. 'Cause I'm not a big reader, it is very nice that I can find the most important information through your website.
~ Tonya G.

Thanks Heather! Your Milestone eBook is SO detailed and so correct. My son is doing all or most of the things and many are not mentioned in the usual books/sites. Great job and keep it up!
~ Anwesha C.

Thanks so much for creating such an AWESOME website. I really appreciate your sense of humor and real writing style.
~ Andrea Z.

My baby refused all bottles until you showed me the MAM bottle. Thank you so much for the recommendation. I wouldn't have known about them if not for your website.
~ Jennifer at Sweet Lilly Confections