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Things to Try
by: Heather ;-)


I'm so sorry to hear of the troubles you had - c-section and then nursing pain! Youch! Let me see if I can't break down your post into a few sections and see if I can help.

#1). Latching & Pain

Is the pain lasting for more than a few minutes? That's a sign the latch is wrong. One of my early mistakes was thinking that ANY pain meant a bad latch. Initial discomfort (at the beginning of breastfeeding) is normal, until your nipples get used to the stretching.

Have you seen my page on breastfeeding problems? This section specifically article talks how to be sure you've got a good latch.

Also, you could look at "How to Breastfeed: a Step by Step Guide" and "Finding the Perfect Breastfeeding Position". These articles may also be helpful to you. (You can find them on the main breastfeeding page, by clicking on the "Breastfeeding Tips" link to the left.)

#2). Feeding Schedule

I recommend trying to get your baby onto a feeding routine. For example, with my babies I fed (kept them awake), then played (for about 30 minutes if possible) and they napped (for 2 hours). This was if they were eating every 3 hours or so. (Newborns may need to eat every 2 1/2 hours or less.)

Try to keep your baby awake as long as possible during your day-feedings. If I sensed Elena was starting to fall asleep, I would undress her to the diaper, or stroke her cheek to wake her up. I would even gently blow on her face (gently!) to help keep her awake until she was done eating. Also, try switching breasts to keep her interested.

Your baby's tummy is very small, and breastmilk is easily digested, so it will be "the norm" to have a lot of frequent meals at the beginning. Eventually, this will ease up.

Does this help? Feel free to "comment" on this comment if you need additional help or anything!

advice from the green guru
by: Anonymous

Just a quick note from the Green Guru- Wait for the moment... wait until the baby opens her mouth so wide or yawns and then thrust your nipple right in there. Sounds a bit savage, but waiting is worth it if you weigh the pain of haste. Keep up the good work.

one more thing to think about
by: Danielle - mentor mom

I hope things are going better! I have a new born of my own which is why it has taken me some time to respond to your question.

I had a lot of pain when nursing my first born. Most of this was caused from an incorrect latch. I was putting one hand directly behind his head and this kept him from being able to tip his head back when latching on. Think about how we drink out of a cup. It would be impossible without tipping our head. Babies need to do the same thing as they latch on. This also helps them get more of the underside of the breast in their mouth. This will keep the nipple in the soft palate and relieve a lot of pain. Try supporting your baby behind the shoulders instead.

I hope our suggestions help. Keep at it, I promise it will get easier. It has been such a different experience the second time around. I had no idea breastfeeding could ever be this pain-free! Thank God!

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I just subscribed to the site, and I'm very happy I did. I have worked in the medical field for several years and love to have good resources for when things come up...
~ Crystal S.

What a great site and thanks for having it available!
~ Bernadette W.

I'm very excited to start receiving the newsletter. I've checked out your site a couple times and I loooovve how it's arranged, your language, and tips - it's great!
~ Emily N.

Heather, I can't express how happy I am I discovered your site!
~ Liza T.

Thank you Heather, for your wonderful newsletter. There is always something new!
~ Desiree T.

I'm a 1st time young mom, 23 and single, so I have found very very helpful...I can't seem to stop myself telling everyone I know about you, some thought you were my mom!
~ Vuyiswa N.

Your website is very helpful and I discovered a couple of great online stores. 'Cause I'm not a big reader, it is very nice that I can find the most important information through your website.
~ Tonya G.

Thanks Heather! Your Milestone eBook is SO detailed and so correct. My son is doing all or most of the things and many are not mentioned in the usual books/sites. Great job and keep it up!
~ Anwesha C.

Thanks so much for creating such an AWESOME website. I really appreciate your sense of humor and real writing style.
~ Andrea Z.

My baby refused all bottles until you showed me the MAM bottle. Thank you so much for the recommendation. I wouldn't have known about them if not for your website.
~ Jennifer at Sweet Lilly Confections