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You Are Now a Merry Mother!

What's the #1 question asked by new Merry Mothers?

When's the next issue?

I've got good news! It's sooner than you think. In about now?


As an added hush-hush bonus, I've just sent you the latest issue. If it isn't already sitting in your Inbox, it should arrive within the hour. (Unless you have a whitelisting issue!)

When will the next issue arrive?

This is where I get a little fuzzy.

You will always get at least one issue every month. But sometimes I get something stuck in my head that just HAS to be shared.

Like my 3 Insanely Simple Tricks to a Sleep-Happy Nursery.

Or fellow Merry Mother and professional pastry chef, cookbook author, and mother extraordinaire Jennifer McGlinn will send over another yummy baby food recipe (which is easily transformed to "Family Food") and I'll just have to share it. NOW.

{I'm rather impulsive that way.}

On the other hand, you'll never get more than two issues a month. I'm simply just not awesome enough to pull more than two together and still avoid neglecting my kids.

But enough of this boring chit-chat.

Now that you're in, pull up a chair to my kitchen table. I'll pour us some coffee and we can chat awhile (my two favorite things).

Since I've down all the talking so far, I'd love to hear about you, your baby (with photos of course ;-), anything really! Drop me an email at, I love chatting with merry mothers.

And while you're waiting for the next issue, swing by the Merry Mother Only Contest page. You may just catch me in the middle of a contest!

Merry reading!

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Ensure Delivery of The Merry Mother!

Every week I receive emails from people who haven't gotten their issue. I don't want this to happen to you! Here's what you need to do to make sure you get your copy:

    1. Add to your address book, white list, or "Safe List" (Here are the instructions to do this.)

    2. Watch your email box for a "welcome email" (with the latest issue) I've just sent. If it doesn't arrive, send me an email and I'll help you figure out where the email went and how to get it in the right spot.

Hey...What About My Bribes?

Didn't I promise a few gifts? It would be a TERRIBLE thing to start out our friendship by not handing over the brightly-colored presents I've been taunting you with!

These are pdf files, so you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader downloaded on your computer in order to access them. You can get this PDF reader for free.

If you have any problems opening these files, feel free to contact me and I'll email them to you as attachments.