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How to Whitelist The Merry Mother

Sadly, there is a lot of spam floating around cyberspace these days. And this means we have to work harder to keep it away. Many of us have installed spam filters to prevent being flooded with annoying "promotions" for Viagra and other schemes.

There are no perfect spam filters. Sometimes the bad stuff squeaks by, and the good stuff is kept out. So, if you're using an anti-spam program or service, you can help make sure The Merry Mother shows up in your Inbox by taking a few simple steps.

To make it as easy as possible, I've included whitelisting instructions for as many spam filters as I can think of. If your spam filter isn't listed, and you're having trouble, drop me a note and I'll help you figure it out.

AOL Instructions

Go to keyword: Mail Controls.

Select the screen name we're sending your Merry Mother to.

Click "Customize Mail Controls for This Screen Name".

For version 9.0, follow the directions below.

Open your latest Merry Mother e-mail.

Click the "Add Address" button (on the right) and add to your "People I Know" list.

If you don't want to do this, simply send an e-mail to, and this will add me to your "People I Know" list immediately. To send me an e-mail...

  • Open your latest Merry Mother email (the confirmation email you received works for this).
  • Click the "Reply" button (it's in the top right corner).

  • A new email window will open with the wrong address in the "Send To" box.

  • Replace the address in the "Send To" box with

  • Click "Send Now"(in the top right corner).

  • Even if the email you send doesn't actually get through to me, the act of sending it will put me on your "People I Know" list.


If The Merry Mother shows up in your spambox, simply click on the white "W" icon on the left column of the mailing. When the pop-up window comes up, click the "Add to Whitelist" button. can click on the "White List" button and add to the bottom of your existing list. Then click the "Submit List" button.

Cloudmark SpamNet

Select "Cloudmark | Options" from the Cloudmark SpamNet toolbar in Outlook.
  • Click Advanced.

  • Go to the Whitelist tab.

  • Click the "Add" button.

  • Type

  • Click "OK".

  • Click "OK".

  • Click "Yes".

  • Click "OK".


Click the "Options" link, on the main menu tabs, then "Safe List".

Type in your Safe List.

If you see the Merry Mother in your Junk Mail folder, click "This is Not Junk Mail" to avoid having future issues sent to the Junk Mail Folder in the future.


Click the "Addresses" tab.

Click "New".

Type in

Make sure "Accept Mail from This Address" is selected under "Receiving Options".

Uncheck "Display in People Picker" under "Other Options".

Click "Submit".

Click "OK".


Click "Friends" from the toolbar.

Click "Add".

Type in

Click "OK".


Click "Tools", then "Blacklist & Friends".

Click "Add" (on the right, the "Friends" list side).

Make sure "Plain email address" is selected.

Type in

Click "OK".

Click "OK".

McAfee Spamkiller

Click "Friends" from the sidebar.

Click "Add".

Type in

Click "OK".


Check your "Probably Spam" folder.

If you see The Merry Mother was incorrectly filtered out, select it, and click the "Move to Inbox and Mark as Not Spam" button.

Spam Assassin

Add the following entry to your "user_prefs" file, which is found in the .spamassassin subdirectory on your web/mail server:

  • whitelist_from

Save the "user_prefs" file or move the updated copy to your .spamassassin subdirectory. If you have no "user_prefs" file in this subdirectory, create one (copy and paste):



Click the "Configure" button.

Go to the "Known Senders" tab.

Click "Add" under "Known Good Senders and Recipients".


Click "OK".

Click "OK".

Spameaster Pro

Click "Filters" from the sidebar.

Click the "Approved Senders" tab.

Click "Add Filter".

Type in under "Address".

Choose "Full Email Address" under "Address Type".

Select "Email Domain".

Click "OK".

Spam Inspector

Select Spam Inspector, then "Manage Friends List" from either the toolbar or from the Outlook menu.

Make sure "Email" is selected under "Add a New Friend".

Type in

Click the ">>" button.

Click "Close".

Spam Interceptor

Follow the "Trusted" link under "> Authentication Lists".

Enter the email address,

Click "Add".


Click on the SpamPal system tray icon with the right mouse button.

Click "Add to Whitelist" from the menu.

Type in

Click "Add".

Spam Sleuth

Select "File", then "Configure".

Go to the "Friends" category.

Make sure "Active" is checked.

Type in on a line by itself in the entry field.

Click "OK".

Yahoo! Mail

Open your Yahoo! mailbox.

Click "Mail Options".

Click "Filters".

Click "Add Filter".

In the top row, labeled "From header:" make sure "Contains" is selected in the pull-down menu.

Click in the text box next to that pull-down menu, then enter my address

At the bottom, where it says "Move the Message To:" select "Inbox" from the pull-down menu.

Click the "Add Filter" button again.

If The Merry Mother has been filtered to your "bulk" folder, simply open the message and click on the "This is not Spam" link next to the "From" field.

Other Providers

If The Merry Mother is being filtered and your program is not listed, try adding to your Address Book or Contact list. If this option is not open, try moving the message to your Inbox or forwarding the message to yourself.

If you are continually getting The Merry Mother filtered out, call or email your ISP's technical support and ask how you can be sure to receive all emails from

Or...go to to get your own whitelisting instructions.