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The Goodies I Promised

As promised, here are the free eBooks I mentioned. These are pdf files, so you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader downloaded on your computer in order to access them. You can get this PDF reader for free.

If you have any problems opening these files, feel free to contact me and I'll email them to you as attachments.

The Ultimate Baby Food Guide is a short pamphlet I wrote to accompany the January, 2011 issue on "How to Make Nutritious Baby Food in Less than 15 Minutes". You can download the guide here.

Milestone ebook

The Infant Milestone Marker

The Infant Milestone Marker walks you through the various developmental stages your baby will experience in the first year. It's an easy to follow checklist to squeeze the most memories out of this fleeting infant time.

Click here to open The Milestone Marker.

safety ebook

The Safest Home on the Block Checklist

The Safest Home on the Block Checklist is a room-by-room analysis of your home's hidden dangers. Each room includes a checklist to make sure you've baby proofed it top to bottom.

Click here to open The Safest Home on the Block.

wahm ebook

The WAHM Master's Course to a Successful Online Business

Here's the book that started my journey in making money on the Interent. It's written by work-at-home-moms (WAHM) and takes an honest look at what it looks like (and takes) to build a successful online business. If you are looking for ways to stay at home with your infant and still bring in an income, I highly recommend reading this book.

Click here to open The WAHM Masters Course.


The Affiliate Masters Course

Not sure what an affiliate is? I didn't either. Still, I knew that I needed to bring in some extra money for our family, so I read it. I've read it several times since and each time I feel encouraged and excited.

I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that this eBook was the foundation of The Essential Infant Resource. Without this book, this site would not exist. It is an honest look at how to really make money on the Internet. I cannot recommend it enough.

Click here to open The Affiliate Masters Course

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