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December 2009 - January 2010
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"Of all the joys that lighten suffering earth,
what joy is welcomed like a newborn child?"
~ Carl Sandburg

Happy Holidays, Merry Mothers!

As you're hustling and bustling around this holiday season, preparing cookies, wrapping gifts, and all the other zillions of holiday tasks on your list, take time daily to pour some coffee (or tea), put your feet up, and reflect on the many blessings of this year.

Sure, there have been tough times. But with all the tough times, there is grace! To help you wring out the most from your baby's first Christmas, I've included a brief list of hints on how to make this Christmas especially meaningful and stress-free.

Besides this "EZ Guide to Holiday Happiness", you'll also find how to boost your baby's brain development as early as 3 months old. There's three special holiday recipes your baby can enjoy, as well as easy-breezy games that will send him into giggle-fits.



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In Case You Missed It...

Here are some of the newest articles at The Essential Infant Resource for Moms (EiR) you may have missed.

  • Gorgeous Infant Christmas Dresses: Where to Find Them Online
      Save some precious time this holiday season by shopping online (and even get free shipping!). You will be amazed at the stunning infant Christmas dresses available on the Internet. It is a whole new world of baby fashion! As for prices, you can find everything from "splurge-worthy" to "budget-beautiful". You won't be disappointed. There is something for everyone's wallet size.
  • The Best Baby Christmas Gifts: Announcing the 2009 Toy Award Winners
      Make each and every one of your baby Christmas gifts count this year by purchasing those toys that have been awarded prizes for innovation and child-development. These toys have been tested and re-tested for durability, educational encouragement, and (best of all) fun.
  • Simple Baby First Christmas Ideas for Extravagant Memories
      Don't let a busy schedule cause this baby first Christmas pass by unnoticed. Take the whole season (rather than just the day) and watch it blossom from lukewarm to legendary. Busy moms everywhere have used these simple tips to meaningfully capture the significance of this baby first Christmas. It will never come again! So use these little suggestions to shake every ounce of meaning out of the busiest season of the year.
  • A Baby Christmas Costume: For Unforgettable Photos of Baby's First Christmas
      Have you thought about your Christmas card this year? Make it extra-specially adorable by choosing a baby Christmas costume. Make it a card people can't throw away.
  • Want the Best Baby Toys? Choose Award-Winning Infant Educational Toys
      With the ba-zillions of toys out there, how do you know you're looking at the best baby toys? Actually, it's really simple. See which ones have won awards for their educational content and learning encouragement! I'm confident this is the only place on the web to find all the toys, and all the awards (most sites just list their awards).



Read-to-Your-Baby Giveaway Contest

Do you like to read to your baby? Do you like getting free books? Combine these passions and enter our "Read to Your Baby Contest". It's free to enter! You'll win 3 months of free books to add to your growing infant library!

Congrats to Corrin from PA for winning 3 free months of Dr. Seuss books! Round two of this contest includes 3 months of books from the popular Disney Princess and the Pea movie coming out in December.

See all the details on this contest here.

baby reading contest


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  • Dunstan Baby Language: Learning How Newborns Communicate
  • The Great Teething Fever and Diarrhea Debate
  • Free Teething Chart for Your Baby Book
  • The How-To Manual to Find Great Daycare
  • Everything You Need to Know About Newborn Vaccinations

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Shh...Site Secrets

Page 2:
The Best Baby Bargains

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Make Baby Reading Time,
Baby BRAIN Time

Page 4:
Holiday Games

Page 5:
A Baby Banquet

Page 6:
12 New Recall Alerts

Page 7:
Your EZ Guide to
Holiday Happiness

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