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You're Almost Done!
Just One More Click!'s the deal. Every now and then, someone thinks it's funny to subscribe someone else to a newsletter. (Yes, I know... hardy har har...)

I personally don't find that amusing (especially after you start getting emails from the Jelly-of-the-Month Club, or worse.)

working baby This is what I will look like
if you don't check your email
and click the confirm link!

Although it is rare, I still want to make sure that only people really wanting The Merry Mother, actually get it. (Otherwise, it's a waste of my time, and certainly a waste of theirs.)

So this means I have to ask you to do one more thing.

I just sent you an email (from Inside said email is a special link that will confirm that it is YOU, not your annoying cousin Ann, who is, in fact, subscribing to my newsletter.

After you click on that link, you will go to a happy place (my welcome page) where you will receive gifts and goodies to shamelessly thank you for being my friend. (I only sound desperate...)

So, to recap...

  • Check your email.

  • Click the link.

  • Receive gifts and goodies.

If you do not see my super-special confirmation email, you may have a whitelisting issue.

Don't forget to click through and confirm! ( smiley

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