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Halloween Baby Contest: Madison as a Witch 
Madison is 1 year old and full or personality.

Halloween Baby Contest: Our little Dalmation boy 
This is Alikzander, 3 mos and counting. This was his 1st Halloween. He is such a happy baby, so blessed. We love him to pieces... our little man.

Halloween Baby Contest: Pumpkin Head 
Almost 3 months old, Julia is a big smiler and the joy of our lives.

Halloween Baby Contest: A Pirates Life for Me! Arghhh 
Where do i begin!? This boy is a little advanced for being 6 months. He's crawling everywhere. walking on furniture already trying to walk. He eats huge …

Halloween Baby Contest: Lil Piglet 
Riley is almost 4mths old, she's a tiny, blond fuzzed blue eyed cutie pie, and she absolutely loved dressing up as piglet.

Halloween Baby Contest: Jackson as a Monkey 
Jackson is almost 9 months old, tryin to walk like no bodys business!! he's an adorable little guy that just melts your heart!!!

Halloween Baby Contest: Angel Brooklyn 
Our precious Angel- it seemed like the perfect costume for a perfect little girl. The dress she is wearing is the dress I wore to my Christening. My …

Halloween Baby Contest: My Lil Elephant 
Hi everyone! My name is Ryan, I just turned 1 this month and I live in sunny Florida. I love watching tv, swimming with my Mommmy, Daddy and big sister …

Halloween Baby Conteste: Jelena the Daisy 
Jelena (pronounced Yelenah) is my 9 month old niece. She doesn't like to crawl, but is already learning how to walk. Jelena loves watching Wiggles and …

Halloween Baby Contest: Waskily Wittle Wabbit 
My daughter Kaleigh is almost 11 months old. She loves playing with everything she shouldn't and nothing she should. Pancakes are her favorite breakfast …

Halloween Baby Contest: "Learning To Fly" 
This is my little munchkin of a niece, who just turned 3 months yesterday(Oct. 29th). Her mother is an amazing photographer and this is what she got once …

Halloween Baby Contest: Wonder Baby Girl 
Nina Rose was born on 9/9/09. We were so excited and happy when we heard that our baby girl arrived. She is a wonderful baby sister. Her brother Michael …

Halloween Baby Contest: Little Lady Bug 
Christina just turned 1 as the cutest little lady Bug!!!!

Halloween Baby Contest: Wayne & Garth 
Tiago and Angus met in the womb during pre-natal yoga and have been friends since birth! Here they are at 16 months dressed as Wayne & Garth at Pumpkin …

Halloween Baby Contest: Scarecrow 
Brylee is our 17 month old scarecrow. She loves to make us laugh and work puzzles.

Halloween Baby Contest: Baby Lobster  
This is Ian's first Halloween. My husband and I dressed up as a chef and customer for Halloween. Ian was the centerpiece to our costumes. We were a huge …

Halloween Baby Contest: Mommy's Little Tiger 
Jaxson is 13 months old... This tiger outfit fit him well... He loved running around and making mommy run after the tiger when trying to take his picture …

Halloween Baby Contest: Gavin as a Tiger 
Gavin is 8 weeks old and he already seems to love posing for pictures. We both had a ton of fun taking photos for this contest. XOXO, Tara and Gavin …

Halloween Baby Contest: My Little Lion  
Brendan Alexander Cooke is 7 months old and is affectionately referred to as my “Yummy Meat ball”. His favorite activities include eating, eating and Oh …

Halloween Baby Contest: Payton Pumpkin 
~Payton is our favorite little pumpkin~

Halloween Baby Contest: Jhayce Parker 
Jhayce loves to suck on anything he can get his hands on and loves laughing <3

Halloween Baby Contest: Aubrey the Witch 
The happiest little witch you'll ever meet!

Halloween Baby Contest: Tommy as the "Sonflower" 
Tommy is an energetic little boy who always has a bright smile on his face. He is so full of energy that it makes me feel full of life. He is my greatest …

Halloween Baby Contest: Cali as Cinderella 
Cali was born on 08/08/08, so this was her first real Halloween experience since she was so little last year! She loved dressing up!!

Halloween Baby Contest: Where's Me Lucky Charms? 
Ryan is the sweetest little prince and has brought nothing but sheer happiness to our family!

Halloween Baby Contest: Chunky Monkey 
Caleb is 6 months old and loves being our little chunky monkey!!

Halloween Baby Contest: Bryton the Bunny 
Bryton is five months old and the happiest baby I've ever seen. This picture could not have been more perfect. She took a big bite out of her carrot! …

Halloween Baby Contest: Mackenzie's Monster Face 
Mackenzie is just over 2 months old and has quite the personality... My Beautiful baby girl....

Halloween Baby Contest: Trinity's Monkey Grin 
Trinity is 7 months old! :) My little monkey went through a terrible accident at 5 months but has made an awesome recovery! I love her so much! I never …

Halloween Baby Contest: Rocker Glam Costume 
Her name is Scarlett Rose Asaph. 10 weeks old. This is her first Halloween and she's already rockin'

Halloween Baby Contest: Our Little Monkey 
Dylan is 4 months old! He loves his Monkey costume but gets pretty tired of the head piece after about 5 minutes!! Happy Halloween from Dylan to you! …

Halloween Baby Contest: Baby Gorilla 
Cashton is 7 months old and lives in Idaho. He loves playing in his exersaucer and watching Wheel of Fortune.

Halloween Baby Contest: King Michael 
Michael is 3 months old and a real cutie!

Halloween Baby Contest: Sushi Boy 
Emory is a happy, sweet little sushi baby!

Halloween Baby Contest: Leprechaun 
My 2-month old grandson, Sebastian, is part Irish and a redhead. What better costume for him than a Leprechaun? I made him the costume because he is …

Halloween Baby Contest: Jayden as Elmo 
Jayden is 16 months old and since he was way small he has always loved Elmo, so this year we got him an Elmo costume that he does not seem to ever want …

Halloween Baby Contest: Happy Lemur Halloween! 
Jax is celebrating his first Halloween and shares his birthday with his brother, Dakota as they are 8 years and one hour apart.

Halloween Baby Contest: Enoch as a Bat 
Enoch is 4 months and 2 weeks old.

Halloween Baby Contest: Cute Lobster  
14wks old and one cute lobster!

Halloween Baby ContesT: Flower Girl 
Brailynn Amari is 8 months old. She is a very happy and expressive baby. She says ma-ma and is walking along the furniture!! Her favorite toy is "Mr.Bear." …

Halloween Baby ContesT: Flower Girl 
Brailynn Amari is 8 months old. She is a very happy and expressive baby. She says ma-ma and is walking along the furniture!! Her favorite toy is "Mr.Bear." …

Halloween Baby Contest: Owen the Cutest Little Lion 
Owen is 6 months old and he is the happiest baby I know! He loves to play with his little toy lion and watch TV with his Daddy.

Halloween Baby Contest: Evan in his Tiger costume 
Evan is 3 months old. This fellow is our big bundle of joy born at 9 lbs 3 oz. He loves to smile and laugh. He is surrounded by lots of people that love …

Halloween Baby Contest: CT Princess Snow White 
Casandra is such a happy, bright little girl. She's fearless like her Daddy was and is always up for new adventures like swimming lessons in the ocean …

Halloween Baby Contest: Henry the Pumpkin 
We just found him there in the pumpkin patch, so we picked him!

Halloween Baby Contest: Scary Victorian Baby! 
She's Extremely smart, phenomenally talented,and Gorgeous! She loves to dance, read, say her colors, and her favorite movies are Willy Wonka, and the Wizard …

Halloween Baby Contest: Audrey as a Bumble Bee 
Audrey is 7 months old and super sweet. She loves "talking" to strangers and smiles at everyone, everywhere! We live in Florida which she loves because …

Halloween Baby Contest: Bunny Rabbit Sydney 
Sydney is a very happy 4 month old baby. She is dressing up as a bunny rabbit for her first Halloween and absolutely loved being dressed in the costume. …

Halloween Baby Contest: Allie as Minnie Mouse 
Allie is so sweet and loves her Mommy & Daddy!!

Halloween Baby Contest: Little Lion 
Asher is 8 months old. He loves to play with his sisters and crawl around.

Halloween Baby Contest: My Monkey 
Jacob, my youngest, as my Chunky monkey for Halloween! :)

Halloween Baby Contest: My Little Ladybug 
This is my 5 month old daughter, Cora Grace, dressed as a ladybug for her 1st Halloween!

Halloween Baby Contest: Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs 
Addison is such a beautiful baby .... she loves when we play dress up and I knew she would make a PERFECT Snow White.

Halloween Baby Contest: Our Little Pumpkin, Kenley 
Kenley is 7 months old, and we couldn't have asked for a better baby. She loves her two doggies, Madchen & Brees. Kenley loves to giggle and try new …

Halloween Baby Contest: The Pirate & The Butterfly  
Landon is the Pirate he's a fun-loving, nothing but smiles lil 2 year old. He is shown with his 6 month old lil sister Hailey, who always has a smile from …

Halloween Baby Contest: GOING BANANAS 
Nothing fits Isaac's personality better than being a little monkey! He is, and has been since his arrival, a bright - eyed energetic little wiggle worm …

Halloween Baby Contest: Triple the Treats! 
Makayla, Lincoln, and Gracie are 6 month old triplets! They are very fun and keep my husband and I very busy! We feel so blessed to be their parents! …

Halloween Baby Contest: Caiden and his Batman 
Caiden is a very happy go lucky baby, and at two months old he has already developed his own personality. Pictured with him is his dog Duke who has and …

Halloween Baby Contest: Charleigh, my little ladybug 
Charleigh will be six months old this Halloween. She is the sweetest baby. She is very happy and very laid back. Wouldn't trade her for the world!

Halloween Baby Contest: Halloween Princess 
6 Month old Kendal is celebrating her first Halloween! She is our Halloween Princess!

Halloween Baby Contest: Lobster in a Clam Shell 
Decorated by myself, “Lobster in a clam shell”. Took a stroller to create the clam shell. I took one big cardboard box and paper mached it into the shape …

Halloween Baby Contest: My 'lil Pumpkin 
Lila is 6 months old and has a sparkling personality! She brings joy to my life every day with everything she does. She's our angel :)

Halloween Baby Contest: Yeah mom, I'm cute! 
Nathaniel was born August 27th 2008. He was 14 weeks early and weighed 1 lb 14 oz. The doctor's told us to expect heart problems, respiratory distress, …

Halloween Baby Contest: My Minnie Moment 
Annieka Marie is 5 months old. She is a very happy baby and brings a smile to everyone who meets her.

Halloween Baby Contest: Our little Camrynn 
Camrynn is 6 months old and is a very happy baby. She is always laughing and smiling and doing things very early such as rolling over and sitting up ect. …

Halloween Baby Contest: Julian as a Pumpkin 
His name is Julian and he's a wonderful baby. Always smiling!

Halloween Baby Contest: Phoenix the Pink Unicorn 
Phoenix is 6 months old and loving life. She is all ready for Halloween, the family's favorite holiday!!

Halloween Contest Entry: Pumpkin Princess 
Shes such a ham for the camera but LOVEs having her picture taken!

Halloween Contest Entry: Bella as a Fairy 
I made this tutu for Bella when she was 6 months old. She is now 16 months old and my little fairy princess.

Halloween Contest Entry: Marissa the "Good" Witch 
My baby girl just loves her new homemade costume. Made by mom of course! She loves to sing and dance and with this costume it is even better, she thinks …

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