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Get a Baby Food Organizer...
Save a Life in Africa?

Did you know that, for a limited time, purchasing a baby food organizer could help save a life in Africa?

You're already a Supermom to your little giggler.

But what if you could be a Supermom to dying children, and get those stupid baby food jars organized at the same time?

SuperMom Use your newly-discovered organizing
skills to save a child in Africa.

Is this familiar?

  • Heading out. Need to grab a few jars of baby food for the road.

  • Open cabinet door.

  • Watch avalanche of pink and purple sippy cups, bottle parts, and baby food square containers.

  • Catch a glass of baby food peas before shattering on the floor.

  • Declare self "Awesome" for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon ninja catching skills.

  • Bend over to pick up paraphernalia.

  • Stand up straight, bang head on corner of cabinet door.

  • Curse, then apologize profusely. 7-year-old, curious about new word, will repeat to Daddy later.

After I sent out May's issue, I was approached by PRK Products to review their Baby Food Organizer.

Bella is past the baby food stage, so instead I asked if they would be willing to give their product to a few Merry Mothers to try instead.

They generously provided three units for me to give away.

To locate my three lucky winners, I sent out a "call to freebies" email to those Merry Mothers who had opened the May issue. The first three replies scored their baby food organizer.

Within minutes of "send" I had my excited reviewers.

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What They Reviewed...

baby food organizer This baby food organizer holds
both jars & square containers

The Universal Baby Food Jar Storage & Organizer holds up to 16 jars and adjusts to accommodate all three stages of baby jars (and square food containers).

It saves space in your cupboard or pantry and allows you to store food in four rows, organized by type.

It's BPA and Phthalate free is made in the USA.

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What They Said...

Our reviewers used the Baby Food Organizer for a week and then reported back their results.

Here's what they said.

Maggie said...

    The baby food organizer greatly saved space in my cupboard. It was so nice, for a change, to open up the cupboard door and see all the baby food kept neatly in one area.

    This product really made feeding easier, I have two twin boys and im able to grab the food quickly because I know exactly what food is in each row.

    I would definitly suggest this product to any mom and dad, it's a great space saver and great organizer.

    I found the baby food organizer was very easy to assemble the parts were labled very clearly and it took no time to put together. Other units I have seen have been bigger and did not come with the sides that could adjust to the heights of baby foods.

    I loved how much food the organizer held and that it did not take up a whole lot of room.

    I loved the opportunity to review this product and I can't wait to see what other products are out there to review. Thanks so much, Maggie.

Candice said...

    It's nice to have. I don't find that it saves me alot of space but it doesn't take up alot of space either.

    I love being able to organize my food by stage and flavor. I wish that it had multiple shelves included but you can get more and stack them which is wonderful.

    A lot of my friends have children and I would definitely suggest this product to them. It was easy to put together and I love the organization.

    I'm currently using it on my countertop and have my small iPod lamp and a book ontop (everyone can see it and it's not an eyesore).

    I don't feel it made feeding time easier but it made my kitchen organizing easier. Thank you for the opportunity to review this product!

Julie said...

Does this organizer save space in your cupboard or pantry?

    This organizer works great in my pantry! I used to organize my baby food jars and my husband would come in and shove them all into a tiny corner of the pantry. Now they are all neatly organized the way I like and it doesn't take up much space either!

Has this baby jar organizer made feeding time easier?

    This baby food jar has definitely made feeding time easier. I can easily grab exactly what I am looking for and don't have to sift through all the jars.

Would you bought this product if you knew it was available?

    Depending on the price, I would have bought this product if I knew it was available.

Would you suggest this product to a friend?

    I would definitely suggest this product to a friend. In fact, I already have!

Was this easy to assemble?

    I have done my fair share of assembling different products, especially since having a baby, and this was by FAR the easiest I thing I have assembled.

How does this baby jar organizer compare to other units you've seen in the store?

    The only other organizer I have seen in the store was a unit you could use to stack the jars. I would be afraid of knocking one off when trying to reach for another and breaking the glass jar. This organizer keeps your baby food jars organized in a safer way.

What did you like most about this baby food organizer?

    I like that when you take a jar out, the one behind it slides forward.

What did you like least about this baby food organizer?

    I wish it had one or two more rows.

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Get a Baby Food Organizer.
Save a Baby in Africa.

PRK is offering a special promotion on the Baby Food Organizer just for Essential Infant Resource readers and Merry Mothers!

baby food organizer

Purchase your baby jar organizer between NOW and July 21st and 1% of the total sales will be given to The Essential Infant Resource.

And what will we do with this 1%?

Every day, thousands of children die because they do not have access to basic medicines that could save their lives.

We'll be donating it to World Vision International to distribute antibiotics and de-worming medications (among others) to infants and young children around the world.

The more we purchase, the more we can give away!

Here's our goal...

baby food organizer The simplest of medications
could make the
biggest of difference.

We want to send over $385 worth of medicines and supplies to struggling clinics in Africa.

Supplies that could make the difference between a mother's grieving loss or hopeful joy.

140 helpful baby food organizers will get us to our goal.

No, wait. My order: placed.

That's 139 left to go.

(And I got a great baby shower gift!)

Who's next?

Be sure to mark "The Essential Infant Resource for Moms" from the "How did you hear from us" drop-down menu at checkout, or it won't count!

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